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The Khojaly Massacre: 20 Years Later

It has been 20 years since the tragedy at Khojaly, yet the wounds still remain fresh in the minds of Azeris.  It was the most fatal event in the Nagorno Karabakh war to date, and is remembered annually with testimonies, photos, and events around the world.  This week, the Azerbaijan America Alliance pauses to remember those who were killed in Khojaly.  We hope that the memory of this occasion will remind us why we work so diligently toward achieving a lasting peace.  Click here to learn more about Khojaly and to see how the memory is being preserved.

Commemorating Khojaly around the World

Not just in Baku, but all around the globe groups come together to honor the victims of Khojaly.  The Justice for Khojaly Campaign – an international movement to bring awareness to the tragedy – recently announced commemorative activities in over 50 countries worldwide.  Memorials will be held throughout Azerbaijan, as well as in countries such as The United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Estonia.

Monuments to the massacre have been erected in 7 countries, with the primary statue standing in Baku.  Diaspora groups in the Hague, Netherlands; Ankara, Turkey; Budapest, Hungary; Berlin, Germany; and Mexico City, Mexico have also built monuments to the victims.  Plans to construct another monument in Bosnia were announced early in 2012.

Congressional Remarks

Members of the US Congress have been commemorating Khojaly for years.  A complete list of Congressional remarks can be found here.  In 2012, the following Members of Congress have submitted language remembering Khojaly and supporting Azerbaijan:


State Legislature Resolutions

As Americans learn more about Azerbaijan and the ties that bind our two countries, state legislatures are reaffirming their support for Azerbaijan through joint resolutions.  To date in 2012, two states have passed such legislation:

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