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47th International Chemistry Olympiad in Baku

Monday, July 20, 2015

On 20 July the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad started in Baku. Teams from 75 countries will test their theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry in the Baku branch of Moscow State University. The teams consists of secondary-school students, and they are mentored by two teachers. The competition consists of two exams that can last up to five hours each, and need to be attended on separate days. Between exams the students and their mentors will tour Baku, taking in its historic buildings alongside its modern architecture. The event also seeks to celebrate humanity's attempts to learn more about the existing world. This is exemplified in the 75th Olympiad's slogan, "Life as a huge chemistry laboratory." 

As a country well endowed with oil, gas, and rich mineral resources, Azerbaijan has great future potential for chemical research. Azerbaijan also has a rich scientific history, and Baku was a major scientific hub during the Soviet era. Today this legacy is embodied in the 11 Azeerbaijani students who have medalled during the last seven International Chemistry Olympiads.

The 47th ICHO Website

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