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Azerbaijan America Alliance Commemorates 21 st Anniversary of Khojaly Massacre

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Azerbaijan America Alliance Commemorates 21st Anniversary of Khojaly Massacre

Public Campaign in Washington, D.C. and New York City brings awareness of the tragedy to the American Public

Washington, D.C. — February 26th, 2013 – Today marks the 21st anniversary of the Khojaly Massacre in the NagornoKarabakh region of western Azerbaijan. On the night of February 26th, 1992, Armenian and Russian military forces invaded the village of Khojaly and massacred over 613 Azerbaijan civilians, including 106 women and 83 children. Azerbaijan America Alliance, a non-profit group promoting broad cultural and political relationships between Azerbaijan and America, is commemorating this anniversary by promoting a public awareness campaign of the tragedy in the Washington, D.C. and New York areas.

In remembering the Azeri victims of the massacre, Azerbaijan America Alliance Chairman Dan Burton stated, “The massacre that took place in the village of Khojaly where hundreds and possibly thousands of Azerbaijanis were killed or mutilated was a great tragedy…I applaud the government of Azerbaijan for making sure that the people of the region and the world do not forget.”

Azerbaijan America Alliance’s awareness campaign began more than a week ago in Washington, D.C. and New
York City simultaneously. It is foreseen that over 15 million people will see the campaign in both cities.

In New York City, mobile billboards and mobile projections with Khojaly remembrance posters were seen in a
variety of different populous locations and buildings throughout the area, such as Times Square, Radio City Music
Hall, the Tribeca and Chelsea neighborhoods, along the Hudson River, and near the Empire State Building. 2
newsstands in front of the United Nations headquarters on 42nd Street are currently displaying the awareness campaign advertisements, while in the center of Times Square, 2 large digital billboards projected the Khojaly
posters for a total of 42 hours during the week of February 18th.

Founded in 2011 by Azerbaijan businessman Mr. Anar Mammadov, the Azerbaijan America Alliance is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization providing critical information about the people, culture, society, industry, history,
and current events of the Azeri people. Its mission is to foster and strengthen relations between the people of
Azerbaijan and the United States. Through academic discussion, cultural programming, and political discourse, the
Alliance aims to promote and advance a lasting partnership between the two nations’ citizens.

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