Promoting a Lasting Partnership
Between Azerbaijan and America
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Get Involved


One of the most effective ways to get involved is by writing to your congressional representatives and educating them on the growing significance of Azerbaijan’s relationship with the United States – politically, economically and militarily.

Through such a program of education, we hope to bring renewed focus on the South Caucasus region and, in particular, the important role that Azerbaijan plays in the War on Terror - providing troops and allowing free movement of American troops through their territory - and as a market for American businesses.


Political Goals

  • Expand the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus
  • Educate Congress on the geopolitical significance of the relationship between Azerbaijan and the United States
  • Repeal Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act
  • Encourage politicians to help mediate an amicable settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict


How You Can Help

  • Educate your local representative about the importance of Azerbaijani-American relations
  • Ask your representative to join the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus
  • Email us with ideas for grassroots events at
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