Promoting a Lasting Partnership
Between Azerbaijan and America
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Areas of Focus


The Azeri diaspora in America is currently represented by a number of regional NGOs who work for the community on a local level.  We hope that, by working alongside them and supplementing their efforts, we can begin to coordinate the kind of national movement that the community deserves.  In creating a national movement, our community will be better connected and better able to pursue political objectives.

Role of the Alliance

While the Alliance also works alongside political leaders and business executives, at heart it remains a grassroots organization – committed to serving and relying heavily on the Azeri-American community for its success. We hope that through our efforts and this website, we can bring together Azeris from across the world and ensure that our voices are heard.

It is in this spirit that we ask all visitors to sign up to our mailing list, ensuring that we can keep you informed about all things related to the community. We also encourage you to explore the website, post your opinions and email us with ideas about how we can expand our program of events in the coming year.

The Alliance is only as strong as you make it, so we encourage everyone to get involved and make your voices heard!  Click here to register and become a supporter.

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