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American congressman urges continued cooperation with Azerbaijan

February 13, 2015

By Trend

US Congressman Michael R. Turner urged the US to continue cooperating with Azerbaijan in European energy security and strengthening of regional security, in a statement included in the protocol of hearings on Azerbaijan held on February 12.

Congressional hearings of the Subcommittee of European and Eurasian affairs and new challenges, dedicated to the interests of the US and the situation in Azerbaijan in the field of power engineering, security and human rights took place in Washington, D.C.

In his statement, the congressman stressed Azerbaijan's contribution to Europe's energy security. He also underlined the importance of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline and the Southern Gas Corridor.

The congressman said that Azerbaijan is an important partner of the US in strengthening of the geopolitical energy security.

The US confirms the significance of Azerbaijani gas for Europe. In one of its reports, Energy Information Administration (EIA) said that although traditionally Azerbaijan is a major oil producer. The country's importance as a gas supplier will grow in the future as far as the fields and export infrastructure are developed.

EIA stresses the growing importance of the entire Caspian region, including Azerbaijan, as a source of global energy production. According to EIA estimations, proven and probable gas reserves in the Caspian Sea exceed eight trillion cubic meters.

Azerbaijan’s large-scale gas supplies to Europe are expected in five years, when the EU's demand for fuel will reach 500 billion cubic meters per year.

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