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Ancient human relics discovered in Azerbaijan's Sharur land

July 31, 2014

Historical monuments from early iron and middle bronze period have been found in Ashagi Yayci and Dize village of Sharur region of Nakhchivan Autonomous.

The findings are the result of some extensive researches conducted by International Azerbaijan-USA archaeological scientists.

Meanwhile, remains of some defensive walls were discovered near the "Giz Gala" residence place of Dize village.

As a correspondent member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Vali Bakhshaliyev said, during the researches, the scientists found out that the thickness of cultural layer of middle bronze period was 2.5 meters. Dishes with two handles and spearhead made from bronze were also found in the mounds of necropolis.

The most interesting part of the researches was to find human skeletons in the mounds.

The skeletons are categorized as Caucasus type. Multilayer residence locations of this culture have been found only in Azerbaijan among all Southern Caucasus regions, especially in Nakhchivan. That means that , the painted dish culture was formed by tribes living in Nakhchivan.

Vali Bakhshaliyev also noted that earlier some researchers tried to relate this culture to Indian Aryans as there was not any human skeleton in middle bronze period graves. Now with the new findings, we can determine inheritance relations among the culture of middle bronze period.

Another fact found during the researches is about "Tazakend culture" which is common in Armenian area.

Falsifying the real name of this culture, Armenians have called it "Karmirberd culture". However, painted dishes found in Yayci necropolis of Sharur region and mounds studied this year prove their relations with the tribes living in Nakhchivan.

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