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Ariel Cohen: Azerbaijan sends strong message to world


October 10, 2011

The leading expert of the Heritage Foundation for Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Policy, member of Trend Expert Council, Ariel Cohen, has said Azerbaijan sent a strong message that people of difference faiths can live together in peace.

Discussion of mutual aspect and coexistence of people of different religions and ethnic groups is extremely important topic not just for Azerbaijan, and not just for the Caucasus, but the whole area from Himalayas to Atlantic Ocean, Cohen told Trend during the International Humanitarian Forum on the "XXI century: hopes and challenges" started in Gulustan palace, in Baku.

"So much violence happened in the last couples of decades," he said. "Azerbaijan sent a strong message that people of difference faiths can live together in peace. And most importantly, as President Ilham Aliyev said, Azerbaijan provides the model, in which coexistence and tolerance are possible."

Cohen stated that it is very important message to community of the Muslim world and the Europe and the world at large.

The forum is bringing together the public and political figures, workers of culture and art, heads of the authoritative mass media. The two-day forum is initiated by Presidents, Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Dmitry Medvedev of Russia.

Discussions on the subjects "Humanitarian aspects of economic models of development", "Modem technologies that changed the world", "Traditional values system in postmodern culture", "Biotechiologies and ethical problems", "Multiculturalism: achievements and problems", "Social journalism and high technologies", "Convergence of sciences" will be held in seven panels within the forum.

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