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Armenian Newspaper Editor Urges Armenians to Assume Responsibility for Khojaly


February 28, 2013

The editor of the Armenian-language newspaper Agos, published in Turkey, Rober Koptash urged Armenians to assume the responsibility for Khojaly.

According to, in his article in Agos newspaper-“Responsibility for Khojaly”-Koptash described the Khojaly genocide in detail and called it a human tragedy.

He said the events in Khojaly that occurred 21 years ago are a terrible tragedy and Armenians living in Turkey must learn more about this crime. 

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper notes that this tragic event could be attributed to the ‘dark sides’ of war but if Armenians consider themselves a nation that suffered from genocide, they should not keep silence and avoid responsibility.

He also urged Armenians and Azerbaijanis to recognize the mistakes of the past and overcome mutual hostility.

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