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‘Around 1,500 observers from 98 countries announced elections transparent’


October 19, 2013


The role and significance of the Republic of Azerbaijan, located at the crossroads of Europe and Azerbaijan from both geographic and politico-economic standpoint and which has its own geostrategic and geo-economic stance, is increasing every passing day.

It has been announced by Director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the President of Azerbaijan Farhad Mammadov in his article published on ‘Azerbaijan’ newspaper.

“Political and economic potential of our country as a regional leader, directions and pace of development, its principles of statehood, place in the system of international relations, its stance in solving global and regional socio-economic, political and security issues, its opportunities to integrate into Europe, Islamic and Turkic world, its achievements in public, political and cultural spheres have been a subject of research and debate by not only leading countries, but also some reputable think tanks,” Mammadov said in his article.

“It is not coincidence that ahead of the 9 October presidential elections many analytic centers, independent political experts put forwards analytical materials and made their estimations about possible results of the nationwide vote and directions of the future development of the country.

“What is interesting is that significant part of their estimations and suppositions about Azerbaijan and its future policies has come true. On one hand, this is due to professionalism of analysts and on the other hand, it is a result of consistency and stability that Azerbaijani people were committed to on its way to democracy and in foreign and domestic policies.”

“One of the factors that account for rising political and economic opportunities of Azerbaijan is its independent policies not dependent on any of the global powers, political will of the state and stability achieved through an unbreakable unity between the people and government,”  Mammadov added.

“It is well known that the stronger Republic of Azerbaijan, its resolute stance on regional and international level and balanced policy meeting interests of our nation and aimed at protecting our state independence runs contrary to geopolitical and geo-economic stance of some powers and therefore our country faces attempts to put pressure on it.

“But Azerbaijan is not as helpless, weak country with desperate population facing confrontation as it was in early 1990s. Today it is impossible to impose one’s stance on and put conditions on Azerbaijan!”

“On 9 October, the people of Azerbaijan made its historical choice and elected incumbent President Ilham Aliyev for the next term displaying a confidence to him.

“Around 1,500 observers from 98 countries and 48 international organizations including European Parliament, PACE, Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Parliamentary Assembly of CIS, Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking nations and many other organizations assessed the progress and results of elections positively and announced that the presidential vote was held in transparent, objective and stabile atmosphere,” Mammadov stressed. 


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