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Pre-election situation constructive in Azerbaijan - report


September 12, 2013


The Observation Mission of the CIS Parliamentary Assembly to observe the presidential elections in Azerbaijan has presented an interim report.

The Observation Mission led by Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Leonid Slutsky has issued an interim report on results of monitoring the pre-election situation in the country.

After the analysis the expert group of CIS Parliamentary Assembly concluded that the procedures for the initial stage of the next presidential elections envisaged by electoral legislation Azerbaijan were held by the CEC of Azerbaijan and other public authorities in accordance with applicable rules of law as to the timing, as well as equal and equitable treatment of all persons who have expressed a desire to participate in the elections, the reports says.

"A high degree of transparency of the electoral process, especially on the day of voting, helps to realize an opportunity for everyone to have surveillance from the site of the CEC to see what is happening at the polling stations thanks to the expansion of the number of web cameras installed at polling stations. In previous elections in Azerbaijan (parliamentary elections of 7 November, 2010) Web cameras were installed at 10% of polling stations (i.e. at 500 polling stations),” the report says.

“In accordance with the request of the President Aliyev on election of 9 October, 2013 Web cameras will be installed in 20 percent of polling stations (1000 sites in all regions of Azerbaijan), " it says in a statement.”

“Under the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated 9 October 2013, web cameras will be installed in 20% of polling stations (1,000 stations nationwide),” it says in a report.

Based on a monitoring into preparations to hold next presidential elections in Azerbaijan that lasted from 1 August till 9 September, a group of international observers from the CIS PA with the help of expert group of the organization and its Baku branch concluded that the preparations for the elections are carried out in full and within the time stipulated by the Calendar Plan adopted by the Central Election Commission., it says in a report.

The pre-election campaign in Azerbaijan at this stage goes on in peace and constructive atmosphere in line with international standards of holding an election and national electoral legislation, the expert group believes.

“Equality of all participants of the electoral process, transparency of the work of government agencies, sufficient funding for elections, systematic type of work for preparations to the elections are ensured in Azerbaijan. “The analysis held and international observers confirm that national electoral legislation, legal regulation of preparations for and conduct of elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the whole have been brought into line with international electoral standards.”

It regulates all stages of election of the President of Azerbaijan with sufficient clarity and completeness, ensuring compliance with important international documents concerning holding of election under universal and equal suffrage by secret ballot, provided that elections are held by independent electoral authorities, as well as in case of presence of enforcement mechanisms for the protection of election rights and solution of electoral disputes,” it said in a report.




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