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Azerbaijan and WTO to Hold Multilateral Negotiations on Issues of Agricultural Support

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November 27, 2012

The date of the X meeting of working groups on acceptance of Azerbaijan in the World Trade Organization have been confirmed.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Mammadguliyev says that the sides will hold a meeting in Geneva on 7 December.

"With the approval of the date of the meeting, multilateral negotiations on agricultural support were appointed for 6 December. We also make use of multilateral negotiations for bilateral talks on the terms of membership with 4-5 countries. Among our partners on bilateral talks are the U.S., the EU and others," Mammadguliyev said.

Earlier the WTO Secretariat appointed preliminarily the X meeting of the working groups on Azerbaijan’s accession to the WTO for 30 November. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan, which held in Geneva on 24 February the 9th meeting of the working groups on admission to the WTO, has a chance to conduct another round of talks this year.

On 27-28 July, Azerbaijan held consultations in Geneva with the WTO Secretariat and bilateral negotiations with the United States, Canada, Brazil and China.

Some progress has been achieved during bilateral negotiations, but the sides are not yet ready to announce their completion.

This February bilateral talks with WTO members and multilateral talks on issues of agricultural sector support were also held. Participants of negotiating process noted a little progress of Azerbaijan on the way to full membership in WTO and called it to work further in this direction.

The VIII meeting of the Working Group on Admission of Azerbaijan took place in Geneva on 18-22 October 2010. Multilateral talks were not held in 2011. Azerbaijan has been negotiating about its WTO membership since 1999.

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