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Azerbaijan can aim targeted social aid at developing services sector

Azerbaijan Business Center

October 10, 2011

An experiment on lump-sum payment of targeted social assistance upon condition of its use for development of self-employment conducted by the Ministry of Labour & Social Protection of Azerbaijan has brought phenomenal results.

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection Ilgar Rahimov has said that they are approaching to the final stage of the pilot project "self-support".

"Since next year we’ll try gradually to expand the" self-support" around the country. It has already caused a great resonance among the population - people apply to us with suggestions about its development. If initially we expected to support projects related to agriculture, now we receive requiests relating to extraoccupational life and services. People are ready, if they are created conditions, to deal with hairdressing saloon services, shooting weddings and other celebrations," he said.

"Self-Support" includes four pilot regions of the country.

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