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Azerbaijan continues development of alternative energy sources


November 21, 2013


By Nigar Orujova

Production of solar cells in Azerbaijan cheapens the process of developing alternative energy sources in the country.

The news was announced by Head of the State Agency for Alternative Energy Sources Akim Badalov said on November 20.

The establishment of solar cell production in Sumgait means lower prices and reducing dependence on foreign producers, along with additional job opportunities, Badalov said.

According to Badalov, work on the development of alternative energy sources in the country continues.

In particular, work is underway on the construction project of Samukh agro -an energy complex that will expand the possibilities of using agricultural waste in electricity production.

The state has allocated 10 million manat (over $12 million) for these purposes, and it will be possible to see the results of implementing this major project in the coming years, he said.

He also said that work continues on the development of the landfill on alternative sources of energy in the Gobustan region of the country.

In the long run, Azerbaijan expects a boom in the use of electric vehicles, and their refueling will be a relevant question. The effective method for refueling these electric vehicles may be the use of solar technology, Badalov said.

Baku hosted the second meeting of the expert group on alternative energy sources of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) on November 20.

According to Badalov, Azerbaijan has achieved great success in the development of alternative energy in recent years and opportunities in this area allow it to participate in the implementation of relevant projects abroad.

Currently, the share of alternative energy sources in the total energy production, including small hydro power plants in the country, is two percent.

The aim of development of this area is not just figures, but providing the country's population with qualitative and uninterrupted electricity, Badalov said.

According to Chief Power Engineer of the State Agency Tahir Jafarov, over $500 million was invested in the development of alternative and renewable energy sources in Azerbaijan from 2010 to 2013.

A draft national strategy for the development of alternative and renewable energy sources until 2020, which is currently being agreed on, was worked out for the development of alternative energy in the country, he said.

The strategy envisages the identification of the main directions of thermal energy production from renewable energy sources (RES), the creation of a legal framework in this sphere, the arrangingment of events on the use of renewable energy sources, and the use of renewable energy sources in economic spheres.

In addition, Jafarov stressed that within the alternative energy development, Azerbaijan has large-scale plans for the creation of generating facilities all over the country. Hybrid power plants are planned to be created in almost every region of Azerbaijan.

Such events are expected to allow the country to solve issues arising in the process of energy production, and ensure energy efficiency by reducing energy loss in the production and transportation of electricity and socio-economic development of the regions.

The share of alternative energy sources is planned to reach 20 percent in Azerbaijan's total volume of energy consumption by 2020, which presupposes around 7 billion manats ($8.9 billion) investments.

The potential capacity of solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and small hydro power stations in Azerbaijan has reached 5,000 MW, 4,500 MW, 1,500 MW, 800 MW, and 350 MW respectively.

The share of solar energy in the total volume of alternative energy in Azerbaijan is estimated to reach 40 percent, while the wind power will hit 28 percent by 2020.

There is also a great potential for hybrid power stations in Azerbaijan, and the alternative energy company plans to have hybrid power plants in the majority of Azerbaijan cities by 2020.

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