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Azerbaijan Determined to Achieve Recognition of Khojaly Genocide


March 02, 2013

Azerbaijan is determined to achieve recognition of the Khojaly genocide.

The government of Azerbaijan with the support of activists abroad holds an active political campaign on international recognition of Khojaly tragedy which claimed hundreds of Azerbaijani lives 21 years ago, writes.

On the night of 26 February 1992, Armenian servicemen killed over 600 Azerbaijani civilians of Khojaly. The atrocities were committed with special cruelty, 8 families were terminated fully, 130 children lost one of their parents, 25 lost both parents.

The massacre against Khojaly civilians occurred as part of occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia but the Armenian leadership still does not admit responsibility for the crime.

 “As a result of the short-sighted and destructive policy, the Armenian leadership reduced its own attempts to create an image of the long-suffering Armenian people”, spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Elman Abdullayev said.

The author of the book about the Karabakh conflict ‘The Black Garden’ Thomas de Vaal notes that on the 21st anniversary the international recognition of the tragedy in Khojaly became the central element of the foreign policy of Azerbaijan, notes that the actions of the Azerbaijani diaspora this year included both the initiative on the recognition of the Khojaly tragedy on the legislative level in most country and information of the society.

Among these initiatives, the edition fixes the petitions addressed to the White House which gathered enough signatures and received the official response of the presidential administration and also recognition of the Khojaly tragedy in a number of the US states and parliaments of Mexico, Columbia, Pakistan, Czech Republic.
Posters and billboards calling for justice in relation to this unforgettable tragedy can be seen in major cities of the United States, as New York and Washington before the 21st anniversary of events in Khojaly.

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