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Azerbaijan America Alliance sponsored Mother's Day Run in Washington

May 30, 2014
The Mother’s Day 5 K road race was held in Washington, DC on May 11, 2014.

The race was held in honor of mothers and encourages families to run together. The race ran along Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park. Around 100 people participated in the race.

Proceeds from this event went to the organization ACHIEVE, which helps kids, between the ages of 9 & 14, master the fundamentals of swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon racing, as well as the essentials of proper nutrition, stretching, strength-training, and flexibility.

The Azerbaijan America Alliance was a gold sponsor of the road race. The Alliance logo was printed on all the t-shirts, which were handed out to all the participants and bracelets and water bottles, with the Alliance logo were distributed. Furthermore, the Alliance had a table where information and pamphlets were handed out to interested individuals.

Runs are organized regularly in spring and summer months in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas. They are attended by thousands of people from different backgrounds and ages given the low difficulty level of 5k runs, making them a good opportunity to get together and celebrate a certain occasions in a healthy manner. Runs are usually themed to some specific cause or date, such as support for cancer research, mother’s day or support for the military.

Sponsors are able to promote their brand by branding running kits, water bottles and bracelets, placing banners along and around the racetrack and by showcasing logos on the websites. Sponsorships are usually signed in predetermined packages that the organizers offer to interested companies.

The Azerbaijan America Alliance is a non-partisan, non-profit organization providing information broadly about the people, culture, society, industry, history and current events of the Azeri people. The purpose includes research and advocacy on issues of interest to the Alliance.

The mission of the Alliance is to foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect between the people of Azerbaijan and America. Through academic discussion, cultural programming, and political discourse, the Alliance aims to become the premier organization dedicated to promoting a lasting partnership between Azerbaijan and America.

The Alliance is founded and led by Anar Mammadov, Chairman of the Directors' Board of Garant Holding.


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