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Spotlight Article

Azerbaijan in Furious 7

Azerbaijan America Alliance
April 06, 2015


(Photo: Universal Pictures)

On April 3rd, 2015, movie fans in the United States were finally able to witness the premier of the “Furious 7”, one of the most famous action films in the world. “Furious 7” also happens to be the last movie role of Paul Walker, who tragically died from a car crash at the end of 2013. As a farewell movie of Paul Walker, the critics say that the movie is explosive, spectacular, and surprisingly touching. There was a deeply sentimental tone throughout the movie. The movie has already become the biggest opening film of April, raising more than $380 million worldwide. “Furious 7” was filmed across the world, including, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Azerbaijan, and Abu Dhabi.

Nonetheless, Furious 7 is a celebrated movie with slight hiccups in the story and direction at some points, which can be ignored if you concentrate on the actual plot. The ending scene will let you decide if it’s the end of the franchise because you can never remove the possibility for an eighth movie.

The director of the movie, James Wan, did a terrific job of combining a lot of action with an interesting and engaging narrative. Although he is well-known for directing horror films, Universal Pictures selected James Wan to direct the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious action franchise. He made his stellar debut by hosting a set of massive stunt set pieces. Cars were being dropped at a height of 10,000 feet (3.048 km) above the beautiful mountains of Azerbaijan. In order to stimulate the audience, James Wan used customized rigs built by his crew to fuel the action of falling. All cars landed in a good shape and Wan used cranes to put the cars onto the road.

Azerbaijani is a country that is widely known for its stunning natural beauty, no wonder the country was selected to shoot one of the most astonishing scenes in the movie. Azerbaijan is a mountainous country because it is surrounded by the Great Caucasus, Lesser Caucasus, and North Iranian mountains. As hot rods parachute from a plane and rolls onto the roads of Azerbaijan high way, you get to see the scenic views of Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan. The Caucasus Mountains are located between Black and Caspian Seas. And, the mountains are occupied by Russia, Georgia, Azerbajian, and Armenia.

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