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Azerbaijani-American Alliance Holds Large-Scale Campaign Concerning Genocide of Azerbaijanis in Khojaly

February 25, 2013

Baku, Fineko/ Azerbaijani-American Alliance (AAA), which realizes its activity in the U.S., conducts next time a large-scale educational campaign about the tragedy in Khojaly.

According to AAA, within this campaign hundreds of ads under the heading "Khojaly ... The Human Tragedy against Azerbaijan" were placed on the movable and stationary information boards on subway stations, bus stops and on buses in Washington and New York. The lights of passing cars illuminate informational signs posted on the sides of city buildings.

"As you know, the anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy is approaching. No matter how much time has passed since the horrific murders, Azerbaijani people will never forget that mournful day. Along with the maintenance of moral values, the spread of our history and the desire to convey information about us to the world community, one of the main goals set for the Azerbaijan-US alliance during its creation was revival of national consciousness. Just like last year, this year the Alliance launched the campaign dedicated to the tragedy in Khojaly. This campaign can reach a very wide audience, and I’m sure that upon its completion more people will learn the truth about Azerbaijan and the Khojaly tragedy," AAA founder Anar Mammadov stated.

Social awareness campaign will last for several weeks and millions of Americans will become its witnesses. As a means of traditional media, newspaper articles and editorial notes on the Khojali manslaughter will be posted and discussed on such social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. In addition, a number of interviews was recorded to shed light on the memory of the victims of Khojaly and learn about the views of experts on the South Caucasus, academics, politicians and business people about the vital moments in the relationship between the U.S. and Azerbaijan. Interviews of this kind, the other video, photos, press releases, articles, editorial notes, information about incidents and the Azerbaijan-US alliance, the components of the social network campaign, may be obtained from the address below, Alliance’s webpage:

As part of Alliance’s familiarizing campaign the 10 metro stations of Washington were placed posters, hundreds of buildings on the main streets of the city displayed information by projection method; a poster with the image proclaiming the truth about the Khojaly moved around Washington by transportation vehicles.

The campaign, which has found its continuation in New York, in addition to the above-mentioned actions  it was installed two posters near the office of the United Nations, as well as demonstrated the 15-second video spots on Khojaly on the monitor installed on the famous Times Square, and AAA, being a neutral and non-commercial organization, works to promote the propaganda of Azerbaijani history, culture, art, education, sports, the economy in the United States.

Alliance’s mission is to promote the process of mutual recognition and respect between the peoples of America and Azerbaijan. Through academic discussions, cultural programs and political debates, the Alliance intends to establish long partnership between Azerbaijan and the United States of America.

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