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Spotlight Article

Azerbaijan Celebrates National Flag Day

November 07, 2013


By Sabina Idayatova

Azerbaijan's Museum of Independence will host an event dedicated to the National Flag Day and the Day of Constitution on November 12.

The two events are celebrated on November 9 an 12 respectively.

The museum's director Farida Shamsi and lecturer of Constitutional Law at Baku State University Elshad Nasirov will make a speech at the event, the press service of the museum reported.

The national flag is the emblem of freedom which symbolizes patriotism, people's love for the country, and sense of statehood. It is an attribute, a state symbol which is taken to the front line during wars, proudly raised by its citizens and laid on the graves of martyrs.

The tricolor flag of Azerbaijan has witnessed the magnificent events of our history.

On October 18, 1991, the Constitutional Act on independence was adopted and a tricolor flag that existed in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first-ever democratic republic in the Orient, again began fluttering as the national flag of the independent Azerbaijan Republic.

The national flag of Azerbaijan consists of three equal wide horizontal stripes. The upper stripe is blue, the middle stripe is red, and the lower stripe is green. An eight-pointed star and a white crescent are in the middle of the red stripe.

Each color has its own meaning. The blue color means the Turkic origin of Azerbaijani people and Turkic heritage and it is connected with the idea of Turkism. The red color means building a modern society, developing democracy, and modernization and development. The green color expresses affiliation to the Islamic civilization and the Islamic religion.

One of the tallest flags of the world is the Azerbaijani flag fluttering in the National Flag Square in Baku. The National Flag Museum was established under the flag pillar in the form of an eight-pointed star.

After Azerbaijan gained independence in 1991, the necessity arose to develop a new Constitution, and a commission headed by former President Heydar Aliyev was established.

A draft document was presented via referendum and Azerbaijan's first Constitution was adopted in November, 1995. Ever since, Azerbaijan has celebrated November 12 as Constitution Day.

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