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Spotlight Article

Commemorating 20 Years of Azerbaijani Independence

October 18, 2011

On Tuesday, October 18, Azerbaijan celebrated its twentieth anniversary as an independent nation from the former Soviet Union. The anniversary marks the beginning of the implementation of the people of Azerbaijan's goal of creating a free society with economic opportunity for all. Today, Azerbaijan has made great strides towards realizing these goals economically, politically and socially.

The Azerbaijan government continues to support economic liberalization programs that have greatly improved the living standards of its citizens - an unachievable dream and aspiration for so many during the Soviet years. The creation of a market-based economy led to tremendous improvements in living conditions, of the investment climate, stability and opportunity in the South Caucasus, and also strengthened the bonds between our two nations.

Azerbaijan has been at the forefront in the South Caucasus and the wider region promoting social and political reform and became the first Muslim nation to accord men and women equal political rights, conducted through democratic elections.

We are honored that as a proud nation we can celebrate twenty years of freedom, and applaud the achievements and progress in democratic, economic and social field, though fully aware of its imperfections.  America and Azerbaijan are strong allies whereas America and its principles of freedom are a great inspiration for Azerbaijan.

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