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East Meets West: How International Companies are Forming Business Partnerships with Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan American Alliance
May 04, 2015

In the general model of business, expansion most often results in larger profits. For companies, both domestic and international, location selection is important to the expansion of the brand. In recent news, the car service company, Uber, has just started providing services in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. As Uber has become increasingly popular in the U.S., European Union and worldwide, it is entering Azerbaijani market as it can be found on Uber Blog from April 22, 2015.

Azerbaijan is a young free market economy that has quickly rising middle class and every year more internationally recognized brands and companies are looking to enter Azerbaijan for international expansion.

In the aviation industry, Boeing has established themselves as one of the top companies involved with plane manufacturing. Through their partnership with Azerbaijan Airlines on the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing has brought comfort and luxury to Azerbaijan. the first 787 Dreamliner was delivered to Azerbaijan in December 2014 and was celebrated among the Azerbaijan society. As there is no other country in the region with such airplane, this gives Azerbaijan a competitive edge in acting as a tourist destination. The Dreamliner includes features that enhance the passenger experience with dynamic LED lighting, larger windows, larger overhead bins, and a lower cabin altitude.

In having the ability to travel to Azerbaijan in a luxurious fashion by plane, it is also possible to arrive in style while traveling on the ground with a brand new Uber service in Baku.

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