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Flight 93 Memorial Opens to the Public

Azerbaijan America Alliance
September 10, 2015

On Thursday, September 10, the Visitor Center at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA was officially dedicated and opened to the public. The Memorial tells the stories of those who gave their lives when United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked over Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. It is believed the plane was headed for the U.S. Capitol when a group of brave passengers overpowered the hijackers, crashing the plane into a field and thereby preventing further casualties.

The Memorial, which was designed by Los Angeles architect Paul Murdoch, includes a black granite walkway, meant to evoke the plane's flight path, which leads to an overlook offering visitors a view of the crash site. The planned 93-foot Tower of Voices comprised of 40 wind chimes remains under construction.

The $60 million project, administered by the National Park Service, was built with the aid of more than $40 million in private funds, including a large gift from the Azerbaijan America Alliance.

In addition to the new Visitor Center, donations made possible the construction of the Memorial’s central plaza, a Wall of Names, 40 Memorial Groves, a Field of Honor, and major reforestation of the landscape in rural western Pennsylvania at the site of the crash.

Flight 93 Campaign Manager King Laughlin stated, "I can give a special thanks to Mr. Mammadov, who is the Founder of the Azerbaijan America Alliance. Mr. Mammadov and the Alliance have given tremendous support to this project and to its construction, and we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to him and the nation of Azerbaijan for that.  It shows us that this story is not one just about Pennsylvania and not just about America, but it's really a worldwide story for anyone who is touched by the story of Flight 93 and who cares about freedom and liberty… this place will always stand for that."

“Azerbaijan has strongly supported the U.S. in the war on terror and share the same principles of democratic freedom. I believe that Azerbaijan’s involvement in the completion of the Flight 93 Memorial will help create mutual understanding and respect between the people of Azerbaijan and America,” said Mr. Mammadov.

The Azerbaijan America Alliance was created by Mr. Mammadov to further strengthen the relationship between the U.S. and Azerbaijan.

The Visitor Center at the Flight 93 Memorial will be open to the public through the administration of free, timed tickets.


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